So today is cupid's day.  The doxies are in for a treat.  I got them some bad boy bandanas and I'm going to individualize them with their colors.  'Member Leo is BLUE, Cooper is RED, and Austin is BLACK.  My daughter made some cake balls in shape of hearts.  She's realizing it takes a lot of work, oh well a treat for the doxies when she leaves a few for them to munch on.  I hope everyone is having good spirits toward their kindred and giving lots of hugs and kisses.  Now is the time to remember all our friends and families including our four-legged friends.  Just in case you haven't visited the other pages on the website you might want to look at the activities we've signed up for.  Lots of opportunities to take your pup on a walk for good causes.  We've signed up for a couple and looking for more; Subaru's Dog Walkathon and the 12th Annual Might Dog Walkathon.  Holler if you hear of any other dog friendly events in the Central Texas area.

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