It has been some time but I wanted to let you know that dogs like to have birthday parties.  How can we as owners not give them that special day?  The boys got a special cupcake.  I was afraid of letting them eat foods on their no-no list but thanks to pinterest I was able to find a tasty recipe for them.  The shredded carrot did the trick!  The boys frolicked and grumbled about having to wear their birthday hats but it was a lot of fun.  See the pictures in Doxies Dress Up.  I'll post other soon.
With the weather hot in Texas anything to stay hydrated and that tastes yummy will do.  Cooper loves watermelon as does Austin and Leo. They also keep cool in their puppy pool.
The trio is having a first experience with triple digits on this hot June day.  They spend most afternoons in their playpen as it has warmed up but now with a kiddie or puppy pool they show their true colors and get stubborn about coming in.  I'm not chasing after them in this heat!  We are creating a dog kennel for them but it will take some time.  Right now they spend most of their time on the patio or the backyard.  Time to call them in...let's see if watermelon is enticing enough to get them to come, a new treat that they really enjoy.  I get the seedless just to be careful! Talk to  
I finally was able to connect my Dachshund Trio Facebook page with my website and my twitter.  Now I have to post things a bit more often and soon to check the connection.  This is taking lots of time since I love technology but my patience doesn't let me read everything and do it sequentially; thus the connection problems...keep reading and someone please comme
It's been about a month since I last visited and edited the Doggies page.  Oh, oh, that means I've neglected other things like their vet visit.  With school ending and summer beginning I think the boys and I will be doing a lot more. I recently got a new bike and have been teaching them to ride in the baskets safely.  Since we spend most evenings with the lap top and looking up friends on the social media pages we thought it would be nice to have out own media mascot shirts.  This went along with the Buda Weiner Dog race them this year.  So here we are showcasing it again.  Everyone have a safe summer and come check us out!

Well today we decided to break up the pack and we took Cooper with us to the Pecan Street Festival.  He is a handsome boy and got lots of compliments.  He was a bit shy and ran away from people.  We had to explain that we were socializing him and get people to say hello slowly.  I know they can't help loving his adorable face and those expressive eyes.  One touch of those soft ears and people want to take him home.  Whoa, there Nelly! he's a one home pup and he stays with us.  'Cause he's a small one and the festival is packed with people; we decided to bring him up a bit.  So we purchased a bag and set him in it.  See our pics under Doxies dress up sub page Pecan Festival.  Have a great week folks.  We'll try to get some more pics in soon.
The Buda Weiner dog races were a hoot!  Of course our lovelies didn't race this year.  They are not yet a year old and we are still working on socializing them to other dogs.  The dogs at the dog parade on Saturday morning were all kinds from the extremely small chihuahua that mom carried in a stroller to a very handsome beagle in a train conductor's hat.  The boys wore their theme shirts.  Cooper was decked out in his red with "Tweiner" for the tweeter pages; Austin had a black shirt with Dogbook a spinoff of Facebook; and Leo had a blue shirt with Napster on it with the cat with the earphones logo redrawn as a dachshund face with earphones. Check out the pics on Facebook or on the Doxie Dress Up with the sub page for the Buda Weiner Dog race.  There were over 400 dogs this year, looks like it gets better and better every year.  Hooray to the Buda Lion's Club folks for putting this together and benefitting all the causes they provide support for.
I'm sure CAL hate PETCO right this minute as I post pictures of them in their bunny ears.  They are adorable.  I think I'll keep them for more pictures later in the year when I find the right spot.  I was even thinking maybe a big plush rabbit when they go on clearance or in a Easter Basket when they go on clearance.  Not sure at the moment so I'll post when I take some additional pictures.  For now check out the subpage in Doxie Dress Ups.  I'm going to work on that page to subdivide it into subpages so you can navigate pictures easier.  Night everyone, hope you enjoyed Easter with family.
If you ever wanted to be part of pack you need to join the Mighty Dog Walk.  This event is a great fundraising event for service dog training for those individuals that are in need of a friendly companion and assist from a four legged friend.  The walk has all types of dogs, every size, breed, and age.  The event has lots of pluses for pooches and their owners.  Lots of treats and events to help be put in the  World Book Records.  Check out the pics in the page about Weiner Dog events!
Today was a great day!  The weather is beautiful in Central Texas and my lovely doxies wanted to go romp.  So what a better place to go romping but to the bluebonnet patches.  All over the Hill Country back roads and beside major highways are patches of the state flower.  Of course I wanted my doxies safe so we went into an empty lot across Cabela's in Buda and there were some thick patches. Check their pictures on the picture pages.