Well today we decided to break up the pack and we took Cooper with us to the Pecan Street Festival.  He is a handsome boy and got lots of compliments.  He was a bit shy and ran away from people.  We had to explain that we were socializing him and get people to say hello slowly.  I know they can't help loving his adorable face and those expressive eyes.  One touch of those soft ears and people want to take him home.  Whoa, there Nelly! he's a one home pup and he stays with us.  'Cause he's a small one and the festival is packed with people; we decided to bring him up a bit.  So we purchased a bag and set him in it.  See our pics under Doxies dress up sub page Pecan Festival.  Have a great week folks.  We'll try to get some more pics in soon.

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