It's been a few days or I should say weeks but the boys have been good pups and I'm been busy so not a lot has happened. I'll post about their birthday later when I download the pics. They were a lot of fun. Today I'm posting cause we came to Decatur and they recently had "the surgery" so they are wearing the cone of shame.
Cone of shame
It has been some time but I wanted to let you know that dogs like to have birthday parties.  How can we as owners not give them that special day?  The boys got a special cupcake.  I was afraid of letting them eat foods on their no-no list but thanks to pinterest I was able to find a tasty recipe for them.  The shredded carrot did the trick!  The boys frolicked and grumbled about having to wear their birthday hats but it was a lot of fun.  See the pictures in Doxies Dress Up.  I'll post other soon.