It's been about a month since I last visited and edited the Doggies page.  Oh, oh, that means I've neglected other things like their vet visit.  With school ending and summer beginning I think the boys and I will be doing a lot more. I recently got a new bike and have been teaching them to ride in the baskets safely.  Since we spend most evenings with the lap top and looking up friends on the social media pages we thought it would be nice to have out own media mascot shirts.  This went along with the Buda Weiner Dog race them this year.  So here we are showcasing it again.  Everyone have a safe summer and come check us out!

Well today we decided to break up the pack and we took Cooper with us to the Pecan Street Festival.  He is a handsome boy and got lots of compliments.  He was a bit shy and ran away from people.  We had to explain that we were socializing him and get people to say hello slowly.  I know they can't help loving his adorable face and those expressive eyes.  One touch of those soft ears and people want to take him home.  Whoa, there Nelly! he's a one home pup and he stays with us.  'Cause he's a small one and the festival is packed with people; we decided to bring him up a bit.  So we purchased a bag and set him in it.  See our pics under Doxies dress up sub page Pecan Festival.  Have a great week folks.  We'll try to get some more pics in soon.