The Buda Weiner dog races were a hoot!  Of course our lovelies didn't race this year.  They are not yet a year old and we are still working on socializing them to other dogs.  The dogs at the dog parade on Saturday morning were all kinds from the extremely small chihuahua that mom carried in a stroller to a very handsome beagle in a train conductor's hat.  The boys wore their theme shirts.  Cooper was decked out in his red with "Tweiner" for the tweeter pages; Austin had a black shirt with Dogbook a spinoff of Facebook; and Leo had a blue shirt with Napster on it with the cat with the earphones logo redrawn as a dachshund face with earphones. Check out the pics on Facebook or on the Doxie Dress Up with the sub page for the Buda Weiner Dog race.  There were over 400 dogs this year, looks like it gets better and better every year.  Hooray to the Buda Lion's Club folks for putting this together and benefitting all the causes they provide support for.
I'm sure CAL hate PETCO right this minute as I post pictures of them in their bunny ears.  They are adorable.  I think I'll keep them for more pictures later in the year when I find the right spot.  I was even thinking maybe a big plush rabbit when they go on clearance or in a Easter Basket when they go on clearance.  Not sure at the moment so I'll post when I take some additional pictures.  For now check out the subpage in Doxie Dress Ups.  I'm going to work on that page to subdivide it into subpages so you can navigate pictures easier.  Night everyone, hope you enjoyed Easter with family.
If you ever wanted to be part of pack you need to join the Mighty Dog Walk.  This event is a great fundraising event for service dog training for those individuals that are in need of a friendly companion and assist from a four legged friend.  The walk has all types of dogs, every size, breed, and age.  The event has lots of pluses for pooches and their owners.  Lots of treats and events to help be put in the  World Book Records.  Check out the pics in the page about Weiner Dog events!