Mom tell them you love me best
Playing with the new little sister.
Happy to be running outside.
Hello all you prom goers...we are ready with our tux. More later!
Watching the Oscars, the boys think they should be receiving an Oscar..., Oscar weiner hot dog that is...
Can't wait to show everyone ...a few more days and I'll show you! Lol I'm dying of laughter at my cuties!
After running around all afternoon we sure are stinky! Found a toad and it was great entertainment. Course, mom is mad because we played with it by picking it up in our mouths. Phew it didn't task good. It was yucky!
What great weather today. Taking the pups for a walk.
Love you mom!
Well they are not puppies anymore and they had the cone of shame. Tomorrow I'll blog and post the pics.
It's been a few days or I should say weeks but the boys have been good pups and I'm been busy so not a lot has happened. I'll post about their birthday later when I download the pics. They were a lot of fun. Today I'm posting cause we came to Decatur and they recently had "the surgery" so they are wearing the cone of shame.
Cone of shame